Dubai Dub Xpress is a world fusion based artist originally from Munich, Germany, known for its 'oriental flamenco' sound that fuses sounds from all around the world with electronic drumbeats.

The music producer and Multi-Instrumentalist Christoph Fleischmann established Dubai Dub Xpress as an instrumental project in 2005. The compositions include beside Guitar, Piano and Accordion a bolivian Charango, a turkish Oud and Tablas from India. All sound samples are completely self-produced and self-recorded at Tonstoffstudios in Munich.

Dubai Dub Xpress published in 2010, the debut album "Auf nach Mocca". This album includes a vast spectrum of music styles from all over the world. Besides a lot of impressions by the flamenco there are elements of argentinian tango up to Gypsy Rhythms from the Balkan.

The music video "Missing Destiny" by Mosaikstein-Filme was shown at numerous festivals. (39th Festival of Nations; 21.Bamberger Kurzfilmtage; Filmcourt Brest; Filmament Nürnberg …).

The second album "Karamel" got published in 2012. Dubai Dub Xpress continues developing its sound. Whatever other instruments got included in the tracks, it ornaments the grooves and melodies magically. The album never quite choose a style, or a mood and stick with it, but it's always striking.

In Dezember 2015 published Dubai Dub Xpress the newest album “Wanderlust”. The result is something decidedly not in the vein of straightforward Spanish music. Influences by arabian and indian music are thrown into the mix, but without stealing the show entirely. With a lot of ethnic instrumentation and a fair bit of electronica mixed into the production a contemporary sound got created.

Dubai Dub Xpress demonstrates better than any other that a fusion between electronic music and styles from any other culture is possible and can work to the advantage of both.